BA’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

BA’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Crafting the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie: A Recipe by Food Director Chris Morocco

In the world of chocolate chip cookies, perfection is both a challenge and a delicious pursuit. Food Director Chris Morocco undertook an extraordinary quest, dedicating months to refining his chocolate chip cookie recipe. He meticulously crafted nearly 30 batches, followed by an additional 10 in the cross-testing phase, all in the relentless pursuit of creating the quintessential chocolate chip cookie. The result? A cookie that marries crisp edges with a buttery chew, enriched by an abundance of chocolate chunks in every delectable bite. What’s more, you won’t need a stand mixer to create these delightful treats.

The Secret Ingredients

Morocco’s cookies pay homage to the timeless Toll House flavor but elevate it to newfound heights. One of the fundamental secrets lies in the process of browning the butter, which imparts a delightful toasty note to the cookies. This step is crucial in achieving the ideal equilibrium of crisp edges and a luxuriously chewy center. Another well-kept secret is the high ratio of brown sugar to white sugar, ensuring a center that remains soft and chewy, leaving you yearning for more.

Flour and Vanilla: Quality Matters

Underestimating the significance of flour and vanilla extract in this recipe would be a mistake. Morocco recommends the use of high-quality pure vanilla extract, such as Heilala or Nielsen-Massey. These extracts possess the robustness required to harmonize with the bitterness of dark chocolate, thereby enhancing the cookies’ overall flavor profile. When it comes to measuring flour, precision is paramount. We strongly advocate the use of a scale to accurately weigh your flour. If a scale is unavailable, employ a spoon to fill your measuring cup with flour until it overflows, then use a straight edge, like the back of a butter knife, to level it off.

Customizing to Your Palate

We acknowledge that cookie preferences vary widely. Some savor the tenderness of soft cookies, while others relish a more chewy texture. If you’re inclined to add a delightful sprinkle of flaky sea salt atop your cookies, do so without hesitation. However, for those seeking to introduce nutty, crunchy elements to their chocolate chip cookies, we invite exploration into our Anytime Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. For enthusiasts of caramelized crunch, delve into the world of our Brown-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toffee. And fear not if you’re gluten-free (or simply adventurous)—we have a version of this recipe that incorporates a blend of milk, dark, and white chocolate to cater to all cookie aficionados. For the pinnacle of indulgence, sandwich a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream between two of these exquisite cookies, creating a mouthwatering cookie ice cream sandwich.

In summation, Food Director Chris Morocco’s relentless pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie has resulted in a recipe that stands as a shining star in the realm of cookie craftsmanship. With its tantalizingly crispy edges, lusciously buttery chew, and generous allotment of chocolate chunks, this recipe is a testament to the artistry of cookie-making. So, don your apron, assemble your ingredients, and embark on your own cookie-baking adventure with Chris Morocco’s masterful recipe.

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